Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A reunion

It was a rare moment. Everybody was nervous. People had turned different. Everyone had grown up. Everyone looked grown up. We didn’t know how the other people might have changed. Life takes different turns with people, makes some better, some worse.

We didn’t know if the old time laughter will come back, or will people be scared to show their teeth in the sophisticated world? Will we joke like before or will it be formal? Will the friendship be as fresh as before or will the friendship be childhood memory? Will the trust and bond still be intact or had people made their opinions about us?

It was a time when we did not judge one another. It was a time when we purely held hands and walked every path. All the misdoings were forgiven. Extremely naughty things were done and also, necessary things were kept top secret. The unity against the teachers was mind-blowing. The good and h=the bad were talked about. The good was super-imposed. Unknowingly, extremely cute things were said, and laughed about. The usual boys and girls fights were often. The comparing results was a routine. The cute crushes, the innocent laughters, the playfull us.

We had grown up. Grown to be fat, formal and distant. Unsure about our own chaddi-buddy yaar’s.

There was an awkwardness spread around. We looked at each other. Asked about what people were doing. About their better halves. All we could recognize were the eyes. The eyes which showed memories. After some more moments of awkwardness, everybody sat down and there was a turn of events.

Everybody started to laugh, screech, screem, hit each other and crack joke’s. there were mischevious smiles which spoke of the teeny secrets we had kept. We broke away all the bonds, hands on shoulders, we sang songs and there were punches and winking of eyes.

Each one, looked at the other person, like we were old time friends. The boys looked at the girls as buddies and not as women. All they saw was the eyes which spoke the tale of so many years. No one was “checking out” the other sex but it was a pure friendship. More and more incidents were remembered and laughed upon. The teachers were remembered. The peons, the library, the ground, games..

There was a teary session. Soon everybody got sentimental. Few girls shed tears. Guys had a saddened look on the face. It was over. Never to come back. The memories were beautiful. But now, they were gone. Now we lived in a world, where such love was unheard of.

Everyone cherished the moments, with pure heart, bid goodbye to everyone.

As I walked away, I shed some more tears. Life is beautiful. We ruin it with our own hands.

Make good memories today, so that you can cherish them tomorrow.

p.s - this is pure imagination.


  1. I understand where this stemmed from dost, hope it IS this way for your batch. :) :) :)

  2. hey its awesome :)

  3. Things have been very different from what you posted since the advent of facebook and orkut.

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