Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Everything in life comes with an expiry date. Don’t ever forget that. Life believes in balance. Where there is black, there is white. When there is sky, there is land, water and drought, birds and fishes, head and tail, shoot and root, making-breaking, love – hate, peace – war, men – women, nothing ever comes without a pair, nothing.

Our physics also follows the same rule. Where there is acceleration, there is retardation, where there is positive, there is negative, resistively - conductivity, and its never ending.

Similarly, where there is happiness, there is sadness. So only a fool can ask for everlasting happiness. When I have laughed like a flying bubble, free and heart-filling laughter, always remember, there won’t be long where I will have to shed equally intense tears. It is no fear, life comes with ups and downs and when you openly and courageously face and accept these challenges, it is then you have mastered the Art of living.

The sadness which come in future should not stop you from laughing freely now. Also, when you cry, u must remember that beautiful happiness is going to come at your end soon.

When you are in an immensely intense relationship, it is sure to have a living end. And a miserable one too.

Harsh, but true.

If u have a balanced relationship, with has strong bond of love, but delicately and mildly handled, with less intense shows of affection, strong understanding and trust without too much of speaking keeps the relationship more balanced.

Too much of showing off, too much of display, excessive unnatural involvement which stops economic growth, financial growth and stops social growth and create obsessions for partner. And obsession go opposite with breaking of the obsession, which exactly what happens.

Instead if you have balanced feelings which control you, your love, your life, career, etc, it is likely to last much longer.

A person who gets too excited and happy when something good happens is likely to get too depressed and sad when something very bad happens. Whereas, a person who has mild reactions to happiness, the sadness affects him less. Pain is lesser. Life is Balanced.

This is the reason why our forefathers believed in penance. Lord Krishna gave us the message of being “STHITAPRADNYA”.

Be neutral to both good and bad, winning and losing, life will be much easier. And you have attained internal peace and internal happiness. Which goes beyond bliss.


  1. vely naaaisshhh!!.....actuallly very true indeed!!.....loved it!!...:)

  2. very true n philosophical....... nice!!

  3. Don't let anything affect your peace of mind. <3 :)

    P.s.: It's tough. =/ But possible. :)

  4. I agree to whatever you have written pretty much, except that whats so wrong in feeling absolutely happy when something good happens, it could also mean, that i have the ability to be happy even in the toughest times. Its just my opinion.

    Nevertheless well written.

  5. well megha, nothing is wrong in feeling absolutely happy, but as we have always learnt, be indifferent to joy and pain, equally. as much u be happy in happy situations, u will face that much sadness to. is it possible to be happy when something really bad happens?

  6. i personally liked these lines..

    It is no fear, life comes with ups and downs and when you openly and courageously face and accept these challenges, it is then you have mastered the Art of living.

    well written
    Shine well