Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The man in her life

A woman needs a man in her life. Be it her father, brother or husband. She needs the presence of this man, who loves her like hell, and who will go any length of the world to protect her and keep her away from evil.

She needs the presence of this man to give her the assurance that if ever anything happens, she will be given a safe shelter to live in, food to keep her hunger away and will be on his foot with his all might if he sees those tears in her eyes.

She wants someone who will look into her eyes and tell her, “don’t worry, I’m here, everything will be alright”.

She needs this man.

She needs this man who will take over all the responsibilities when you are not in the best of health, will stand ahead and not allow you to pay a single penny.

“There is no calculation of money when it is you”, he says.

And let this woman be however self-contented, independent or successful. She needs this man.

She can fight the whole world when she knows she has him behind her. She can magically deal with every problem n the world with ease when he says “I’m here”.

She needs this someone, who, if the whole world goes against you, abandons you, will not let you roam on the streets alone but will always make sure you are safe.

She may not expect you to do this all the time, but the mere presence and the feeling, the financial, psychological and physical support is what she needs.

For all the men, my only message is, be this someone to your daughters, sisters, wives. They need you. They will be shattered if they don’t have this man in their lives.


  1. woah...nice post! I likes :)

  2. Nice post :) Pleasure Reading Thanks.

  3. so true... thanks for putting our [all girls] thoughts so beautifully..!

  4. A beautiful post, Rijuta .... And its rather true ... no matter how independent and self righteous we may be ... the presence of THIS man makes our lives complete .... it gives us the confidence to spread our wings far and wide .... the roots that this man provides.... :-)

    ~ Riddhi Rathi

  5. That's quite true, Rijuta :)

    - Manali Shah

  6. i dont know u.. but i loved this post.
    seems like u really write from ur heart.

    i want to be all these things to my girlfriend (sis, mom n evry1 else too!), all my life... i love her a lot, but sometimes i feel she doesnt know it..

    Im pretty sure she will know after reading this.. :) forwarding the link of this post to her now!

    ur awsm....keep posting plz!

  7. thanks all! ur compliments keep me writing! :)

  8. Yup Didi , I m at your side , i swear , where and when you need me i always try to be there as a brother should do...Dont worry about anything, I WILL PROTECT YOU UNTILL MY LAST BREATH ,....